CH Alpha Active

New Innovative Product !!!

 For Strong Tendons & Ligaments

Regeneration capacity like no other 

For the prevention of tendon rupture and fast recuperation from damage

CH Alpha Active

Tendons and ligaments direct motion!

Strong tendons and ligaments are vital for the body well being and for physical exercise.

Ligaments join the bones together, while tendons connect the muscles to the bones and transfer the mobilizing force to them.

Both ligaments and tendons are made out of collagen by 70% and are vital tissues of the body for the the bone stability and motion.

Well conditioned ligaments and tendons are crucial for the control of motion and good mobility, and especially for people exercising or

taking their body to the limits, where every 100th of a second counts!

Especially in people exercising, tissue damage in muscle, tendons and ligaments are very common in all levels of training and competition. 

Wether its running, climbing, golf, tennis or football, the majority of injuries happen from fatigue and overuse of tendons. 

This is very common because strength, speed and agility depend on strong tendons and ligaments.

However, using them to their limits brings injuries.  To prevent them, you need to nurture them.


Collagen fibers are what give tendons and ligaments the right elasticity for the best function and performance.

A healthy tendon is composed of collagen by 65-87%. 

Tendon injuries are characterised by degradation of collagen fibers, delayed recuperation and a halt at training which leads a series of negative personal, competitive and economical consequences for competition athletes and everyday people as well. 


The peptides that give your tendons and ligaments the upper hand are: 



BioActive collagen I peptide, MMW 2,0Kd. Functions by stimulating regeneration of tendons and ligaments and at the same time providing the special collagen needed for the regeneration to take place effectively and efficiently.  It also down regulates the metaloproteases that cause further damage to a tired or damaged tendon.



Specific BioActive collagen II peptide, MMW 3,3 kD, with function on the regeneration of joints & cartilage 

Cavacurmin: (Curcuma complex)

Supports recuperation with highly bioavailable Curcumin bound in a cyclodextrin complex that offers 40 better bioavailability and function.

The highly dispersible CAVACURMIN combined with the  BIOPERINE Back Pepper extract lead to top bioavailability


Bioperine: (Black pepper extract)

Increases significantly the absorption and bioavailability of the ingredients of CH-Alpha Active

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C contributes to the normal creation and function of the joints, ligaments and tendons.


Magnesium + Β6:

Contributes to the normal metabolism and reduce the tiredness fatigue



Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress stress


Gelita BioActive Collagen Peptides cannot be copied!

They are produced through a unique and patented enzyme process that produces specialised function peptides with highly

specific amino acid chain composition that can connect to receptors on the surface of target cells that signal very specific functions

like increased regeneration speed in the target tissue. Gelita BioActive Collagen Peptides are not just collagen,

but specialty peptides signalling biological functions



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