The company VIVAPHARM SA was founded in year 2000 when it slowly took its first steps in the medical and pharmaceutical world.

The main goal of VIVAPHARM SA since its foundation and until today is to offer safe means that promote longevity, improve the quality of life of modern man and women and make beauty affordable.

The top quality of VIVAPHARM SA products makes them stand out. Natural products from organic crops are selected always with respect to nature and in full compliance with the Greek and European legislation

VIVAPHARM SA started dynamically with products that were especially loved by the public for their effectiveness and safety, such as SLIM MAX for slimming.

"Avant-garde" is also inextricably linked to VIVAPHARM SA. Products such as ELICINA, which immediately became known as "the snail cream", are still among the top beauty and skin care options such as burns and scars.

The innovation characterizes VIVAPHARM SA since it is the first company that brought CH-Alpha, the oral bioactive collagen peptides (fortigel) Gelita AG invented, in Greece, and revolutionalized joint healing and ostearthritis treatment. Consumers have literally loved it and it is considered by doctors as the most active in osteoarthritis. VIVAPHARM SA also patented Colabone (fortibone) for osteoporosis and fractures.

The interest for the specific problems the vulnerable groups face and the search for safe solutions permeates VIVAPHARM SA, with the URINAL product line improves the quality of life of thousands of people and especially women and children.

There are indeed many products worth mentioning that became known through VIVAPHARM SA all these years and were especially loved by the public, for this reason we have an open customer line in operation(+30 2108034403) and an extensive chain of cooperating drugstores and drug wholesalers throughout Greece.

From September 2017, VIVAPHARM A.E is housed in a new offices in Maroussi at 110 Pentelis Street where there is a retail store as well from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm Monday to Friday.

We are pleased to invite you to meet and why not get our products, to offer you health and beauty solutions.

P.S. We would like to sincerely thank you for the trust you have shown so far in VIVAPHARM SA and to commit that we will continue with the same zeal our effort to give you the opportunity to cover with a safe and effective products the need for well-being.

Enhancing the well-being

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