Elicina Eco Pocket Plus

Elicina Eco Plus Cream 

20gr tube

Elicina is the authentic cream discovered by the Bascunan family, manufactured in Chile by the Bascunan family company called Cosmeticos Elicina Ltda. Elicina is protected by an international patent.

The Original Elicina you know and loved has now became 100% Organic!!! Elicina is made from the secretions of a snail species living in Chile, scientifically called called Helix aspersa (Muller). The composition of Elicina is completely natural and includes the secretions of the snail: Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Glycolic acid and Vitamins A, C, and E.The secret of Elicina is the tiny molecule size of its constituents, enabling them to be quickly absorbed and reach deep into the skin layers and trigger quality regeneration of tissues. All ingredients are derived from one substance: the saliva of the Helix aspersa snail. Elicina is the ONLY product with 80% snail extract .

No snail is harmed in the making of Elicina!

Elicina Eco Plus is perfect for people with dry skin.
Elicina EcoPlus contains natural moisturizing agents in addition to its high snail extract content(80%). For people with more oily skin we recommend the use of our new Elicina Eco which does not contain any moisturizing agents.
Elicina Eco products are designed to be as natural as possible.Use:

For Burns, Cuts, Surgical incisions, Acne, Cheloid beautification or when fast regenerative action is needed:

Apply Elicina on the affected area at least 3 times daily. Elicina can be safely applied on open wounds where it acts fast in healing them and helps prevent infection with its natural antibacterial properties.

For use as an Anti-Aging cream, for skin rejuvenation

FACE: Apply a small amount of Elicina twice daily to clean skin. Please avoid contact with the eyes as mild irritation will most likely occur. If this happens, rinse with water. As Elicina is not greasy and is quickly absorbed, you can wear your make-up immediately after applying Elicina on your skin.BODY: Apply a small amount of Elicina twice a day . Elicina doe not stain clothes nor the skin and does not cause any photosensitivity. It contains no fragrance or dyes. When you apply Elicina on your skin you will notice a thin white film that is absorbed in seconds. There is no need to rub the area, apply it just like you would any cream and it will begin to work on your skin immediately.

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